Easy and Inexpensive Fall Wreaths

Fall Wreaths

Fall has become my favourite season. I’ve always been one for warm weather, but the changing Fall colours, the apple orchards, the pumpkin picking, the beautiful decor – well its been growing on me since I’ve become a blogger and what better way to kick of the Fall season than to DIY your own wreaths!? I’m starting to become one of those wreath fanatics. (Check out my Rustic Burlap Pool Noodle Wreath or my DIY Rag Wreath Using Items You’ll Find At Home. I have been exploring some beauties, and I would love to share them with you before the […]

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Rustic Burlap Spring Pool Noodle Wreath

Spring Pool Noodle Wreath

When you’re thinking about making your own decor, you obviously want to spend as little as possible. I’ve fallen more in love with wreaths as the days pass. Wreath forms can be expensive, and any alternative is better than to spend a ton of money. I purchased a simple pool noodle from my local dollar store and turned it into a beautiful spring wreath! It’s really quite simple. All you need is a pool noodle and some duct tape to make your wreath form. Making your pool noodle cooperate while you’re trying to tape it in place and working by […]

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How to Create a Rustic Burlap Coat Rack

Rustic Burlap Coat Rack

Coat racks are super helpful when keeping organized. Making your own rustic burlap coat rack for next to nothing will make feeling organized even better! Coat racks are an easy way to keep your things hung up and looking nice. Our coat racks have so many work clothes hanging up that I do not have enough room for my good coats! I wanted a simple yet rustic way to keep my coats clean and organized. My idea for a burlap wrapped coat rack didn’t come to me at first. It was never intended to look the way it currently does. […]

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