11 Creative Kitchen Gadgets You Wish You Had Sooner

Creative Kitchen Gadgets

I don’t know how many times I’ve been working on something in the kitchen and I come to some task and think how much easier it could be if I had a gadget for it. So, below you will find a list of 11 creative kitchen gadgets that you wish you had sooner.

1. Avocado Tool – Amazon

Avocado Tool

An all in one tool that splits, pits and slices your avocados easily. I’ve honestly been using this for about a year now and I absolutely love it! No more mushy avocado messes!

2. Pineapple Corer – Amazon

Pineapple Corer

I don’t know how many times while growing up that I’ve tried to peel and core a pineapple to throw a lot of it away. Peel, core and slice an entire pineapple effortlessly! A serious life saver for those pineapple lovers!

3. Watermelon Slicer – Amazon

Watermelon Slicer

Do you also find it difficult to handle a whole watermelon to cut it into nice visually appealing slices? Mine typically come out thick on one side, and thin on the other. This watermelon slicer makes cutting watermelon a breeze!

4. Corn Cob Stipper – Amazon

Corn Cob Stripper

One of my favourite summer foods is sweet corn on the cob, but with that, is all of the kernels stuck in my teeth. Get the best of both world with this amazing corn cob stripper.

5. Vegetable/Onion holder – Amazon

Vegetable/Onion Holder

I am not a professional chef by any means. It also takes me forever to chop anything because I can’t get nice consistent slices of anything! This onion holder will make chopping onions and other vegetables a breeze. This is great for those that are right handed, and also for those left handed individuals out there!

6. Cherry Pitter – Amazon

Cherry Pitter

For all of those cherry fans out there, you may be able to make your life a little bit easier! This is a simple tool that will allow you to remove the pits of cherries in seconds. Stop hurting your teeth by chewing on the pits, and grab a cherry pitter instead!

7. Meat Masher – Amazon

Meat Masher

Do you cook ground beef, chicken or turkey? Do you hate it when you have to wrestle with your meat to get it to cook evenly because it’s all balled up? This meat masher will do the trick! I’ve had one of these for as long as I can remember. It has made cooking ground meat a breeze. I highly recommend it!

8. Spiralizer – Amazon


I’ve owned a spiralizer for about two years now. This is such a handy tool for making delicious raw salads. Spiralize even the hardest of vegetables into convenient bite sized pieces!

9. Strawberry Slicer – Amazon

Strawberry Slicer

Slice strawberries with ease with this wonderful slicer! Insert a whole strawberry and out comes perfect slices! Make those fruit trays look beautiful!

10. Strawberry Huller – Amazon

Strawberry Huller

Remove the stem and the icky white sour part of your strawberry with this useful gadget! Stop wasting a lot of the strawberry by cutting the tops off!

11. Mango Slicer/Pitter – Amazon

Have you ever tried eating a mango before? They are delicious. But, have you tried to open one and get all of the delicious fruit out? That is another story completely. Mangoes can be extremely hard to open, and if you’re using a knife, can be very dangerous too. The pits are large and obscure and can be a total pain to open! Enter this amazing cutter/pitter/peeler! You will never have to struggle to open a mango again!

Creative Kitchen Gadgets

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  1. Great recommendations! I have a pineapple corer and a spiralizer. I love the idea of the mango peeler, the cherry pitter, and the strawberry corer and slicer. I found when I had the right tools in the kitchen, it made cooking so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are all gadgets I didn’t realize I needed until JUST NOW. Wow. So many great ones! I would love that pineapple gadget stat.

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