A Simple Guide To Laundry Symbols (FREE PRINTABLE)

Laundry Symbols Guide

Laundry symbols can be hard to understand. There have been many times when I have purchased a sweater and it quickly becomes my favourite. But then there also comes that dreaded time when you must put something else on, and give your sweater a wash! Taking off that sweater can be bitter-sweet.

How many times have you actually looked at the labels on your clothes before you buy them? Probably not many! To be honest I don’t look at them too often, and the reasoning behind this post is because I didn’t know what all of these symbols meant, but now I do. I mean hand wash is pretty self-explanatory, but I would never have known what drip dry was, or what dry clean only was! This guide has definitely made things easier in the laundry department, and not that I look at the tags more often I realize that most of the shirts that I own are hang or lay flat to dry. Like don’t even consider thinking about the dryer!

Laundry symbols originated years ago, so this is not just a new thing that happened! So really I have no excuse not to know what the symbols mean. Over the years I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with laundry. I can remember one shirt that I bought, it was a little bit out of my comfort zone, but gosh did I love it. I did read the tag before washing, and I knew that it had to hand to dry. So I put my shirt through the wash, and someone else in the house thought that they were doing me a favour by putting it in the dryer, boy were they wrong! They shrunk my long sleeve shirt so it was a short sleeve shirt. I was so disappointed, but I have since learned from this mistake!

Any who, enough of the rambling. I’ve included a FREE printable below! Click the image to bring it up to full size, print it off at home (or in store) and hang it in your laundry room so everyone will know the symbols!

Happy laundering!

Laundry Symbols Guide

(NOTE: If you decide to print this using a regular printer, remember to change your size to 8×10. Most printers will auto-fit your image to a page, which will make it the wrong size when printing!)

A Simple Guide To Laundry Symbols (Free Printable)

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