100 Bucket List Ideas to Make the Most of Your Summer

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Since the calendar just rolled over to officially be Summer, it’s time to pack your beach bags, make some lemonade and explore! Make a bucket list and strike things off this Summer!

Summer is by far my favourite season! I love the heat, and we haven’t had a shortage of that! The past few years, my Summers have been pretty boring. This year is going to be completely different. I do work a lot, but I’m going to have an awesome Summer and I’m going to share with you my bucket list ideas to make the most out of your summer!

    1. Pick strawberries.
    2. Try rock climbing.
    3. Go to a water park.
    4. Rent a Seadoo.
    5. Go to the beach.
    6. Have a water balloon fight.
    7. Catch fireflies.

    1. Go fishing.
    2. Try paddleboarding.
    3. Attend a music festival.
    4. Go to a baseball game.
    5. Go indoor skydiving.
    6. Pick a random book & read it.
    7. Attend a cooking class.
    8. Go camping.
    9. Eat cotton candy at the fair.
    10. Ride a Ferris wheel.

    1. Lay under the stars.
    2. Visit a flea market.
    3. Go white water rafting.
    4. Do a photo shoot.
    5. Try karaoke.
    6. Learn to knit.
    7. Take dance lessons.
    8. Fly kites.
    9. Go horseback riding.
    10. Visit a science center.
    11. Ride a motorcycle.

    1. Have a pillow fight.
    2. Make a blanket fort.
    3. Grow your own vegetable garden.
    4. Fill the box of a truck with blankets & pillows.
    5. Make homemade pizza.
    6. Have a picnic.
    7. Go bowling.
    8. Make your own bread.
    9. Go to a drive-in.
    10. Have a cookout.
    11. Go to the zoo.
    12. Go hiking.
    13. Play in an arcade.

    1. Try yoga.
    2. Volunteer.
    3. Plant trees.
    4. Go Geo-Caching.
    5. Make a bird feeder.
    6. Go mini-golfing.
    7. Run a marathon.
    8. Go zip-lining.
    9. Visit an aquarium.
    10. Play paintball.
    11. Tie dye shirts.
    12. Take pictures in a photo booth.
    13. Ride a mechanical bull.
    14. Try surfing.
    15. Take a pole dancing class.
    16. Take a mud bath.
    17. Make your own wine.

    1. Go wine tasting.
    2. Visit a micro-brewery.
    3. Do a boudoir photo shoot.
    4. Skinny dip.
    5. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
    6. Give blood.
    7. Learn sign language.
    8. Go skeet shooting.
    9. Go snorkeling.
    10. Take a self defense class.
    11. Rent four wheelers.
    12. Pay for someones drive thru order.

    1. See the northern lights.
    2. Ride in a hot air balloon.
    3. Play laser tag.
    4. Milk a cow.
    5. Get a massage.
    6. Have someone pamper you.
    7. Take a picture everyday.
    8. Build a photo album.
    9. Go to a concert.
    10. Henna tattoos.
    11. Ride a roller coaster.
    12. Try food from a new culture.
    13. Get a piercing.

    1. Rescue an animal.
    2. Float down a lazy river.
    3. Take a painting class.
    4. Make pottery.
    5. Soak in a hot spring.
    6. Collect seashells.
    7. Go tubing.
    8. Make Smores.
    9. Host a bonfire.
    10. Make your own water slide.
    11. Play Twister.
    12. Build a sand castle.

  1. Check out an escape room.
  2. Learn a new language.
  3. Take up a new hobby.
  4. Go dune surfing.
  5. Skip rocks at the lake.

There are so many things that you can do this Summer. A lot of people do not realize that a lot of the things that can be done, don’t cost any money!

What is on your Summer bucket list?

Summer Bucket List Ideas

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  1. Reading this post brought the biggest smile to my face! Definitely going to add most of these to my own summer bucket list. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful and fun ideas. Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons : )

  2. Wow, so many great things to do this summer. I can’t wait to get going on some of these. I wish there was a place near by to catch fireflies as that was my childhood favorite 🙂

  3. i absolutely love summer – my def fave – this is such a cool list – i’ve done many but there are many more on here i have to try!

  4. My kids finally got to do #89 for the first time this summer: gathering sea shells on the beach. We don’t live near a coast, but while visiting Florida we visited Daytona Beach. My kids were in heaven!

  5. Creative list! I don’t think skydiving will be on any of my lists. But it looks like fun from pictures i have seen. I would however like to milk a cow one day.

  6. Motorcycle trips and hiking will be my whole summer. Hopefully a little bit swimming and snorkelling as well! Thanks for other tips that I can do inside as well 😀

  7. Whew! I’m glad I live in the endless summer state!! This is an awesome list and most of it so easy to do. Thank you for reminding us that it’s all about the little simple things that lead to happiness!

  8. Such a great list of ideas. I miss mud bathing, that will be my number one challenge as well as killing my phobia for photos. I’m gonna try and take as much photos as possible this summer.
    Thanks for the ideas.

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