Eight Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Around Your Home

8 Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Most of you know that cleaning can definitely be a chore. A lot of us put this off as long as possible to enjoy the finer things in life, but there are quite a few tips, tricks & hacks out there that will seriously make your life easier!

I’ve posted about some of these tricks before, but there are a few others out there that I use all the time, or I’ve known about for like ever! Cleaning should be a breeze! You should not have to spend hours on end cleaning just for someone to mess up your just cleaned room.

1. Dryer Sheets

Bounce Dryer Sheet
8 Genius Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

Okay, so face it, we all have to do laundry. Did you ever think that there were other uses for these magically and wonderfully smelly sheets? Check out the link above!

2. Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner
4 Ingredient Glass Cleaner

Another one of my popular posts was about my creation of four ingredients to make a perfect homemade glass cleaner. Couldn’t be easier than that!

3. How To Properly Clean Your Washing Machine

Washing Machine
How To Properly Clean Your Washing Machine

Cleaning my washing machine was completely foreign, until I pulled out the soap drawer. I couldn’t believe how much mold was hiding in there! Let me tell you, I clean my washing machine monthly now. You don’t really realize that you need to be cleaning your washing machine, it IS used for cleaning your clothes. How clean can you clothes be then?

4. Tile and Grout Cleaner

Tile and Grout Cleaner
Magic Tile and Grout Cleaner
My good friend over at The Project Pile just recently posted about a trick to getting her tiles and grout sparkling clean. It as simple as using Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. Check out her post on the process of cleaning her tiles by clicking the link above!

5. Cleaning Your Microwave Naturally

Clean Your Microwave Naturally Using Lemons
Clean Your Microwave Naturally
One of my favourite tricks to cleaning is using natural products you’ll find around your home. I always keep a surplus of lemons in my fridge and boy, do they ever come in handy! You can read all about how I get my microwave sparkling clean by only using lemons!

6. Cleaning A Jacuzzi Tub

Clean our Jacuzzi Tub
One Item Jacuzzi Tub Cleaner
Do you enjoy hopping in the bathtub to some nice jets after a long day at work? Me too! We’ve had a Jacuzzi tub for as long as I can remember and one thing I absolutely hate is getting in and starting the jets and seeing those orange/brown funky looking bubbles gather around the outside of the tub. There is an easy way to fix this! Use a dishwasher tab! Check out my post with instructions!

7. Simple Trick To Make Your Faucets Shine

Make Your Faucets Shine
Make Your Faucet Shine
I’ve seen so many amazing tips from Courtenay over at the Creek Line House. She always provides such accurate information on her blog. Check out her simple one item trick to make your faucets shine and to get rid of those pesky water spots!

8. How To Clean A White Porcelain Sink

White Porcelain Sink
How To Clean A White Porcelain Sink
I find these white porcelain sinks to be absolutely beautiful, but how do you clean a sink like this? Check out another great post from the Creek Line House on how to properly attack this task!

I hope you all enjoy the simple tricks in this post. Leave me comments on what you liked, and what tricks you use that I need to start using!

8 Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Hacks

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  1. I will definitely be checking out some of these! I completely missed the whole spring cleaning thing, so I think I’ll be doing some summer cleaning instead! 🙂

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