Rustic Burlap Spring Pool Noodle Wreath

Spring Pool Noodle Wreath

When you’re thinking about making your own decor, you obviously want to spend as little as possible. I’ve fallen more in love with wreaths as the days pass. Wreath forms can be expensive, and any alternative is better than to spend a ton of money. I purchased a simple pool noodle from my local dollar store and turned it into a beautiful spring wreath!

It’s really quite simple. All you need is a pool noodle and some duct tape to make your wreath form. Making your pool noodle cooperate while you’re trying to tape it in place and working by yourself is another story! If you have help use it! I know I struggled and ended up straddling my pool noodle to get it to stay where I wanted it while I taped the ends together.

For the actual wreath, I chose to use one of my favourite materials – burlap! I’ve definitely been going a little bit crazy with my decor and using burlap. It does make a great rustic look! If you haven’t checked out my Rustic Burlap Coat Rack yet, I think you should!

Any-who, back to my super simple spring wreath!

You will need:

  • A pool noodle
  • Duct tape
  • Burlap
  • Hot glue gun
  • Flowers (I bought bouquets from the dollar store and pulled the flowers from the stems)

Pool Noodle Wreath

I spent probably a good twenty minutes in the Dollar Store looking at the assortment of fake flowers they had. When I finally made my decisions I ended up with a basket full and the cashier looked at me a little funny. She even asked me what I was doing with them all. She was a little bit surprised to hear about my blog and what my plans with the flowers were!

The colours I chose were pink, purple and yellow. Not too big, but also not too small. But before I get a little too far ahead of myself I’ll explain what I had to do to make this pretty spring wreath.

So first, you are going to take your pool noodle. Tape the ends together to make it roundish (is that even a word?) I used a roll of burlap garland I also purchased at the Dollar Store back before Christmas. I did see that they do still carry it. You can see which one I used in the picture below.

Spring Wreath 1

To make my wreath burlap covered, all I did was take my roll of burlap and wrap it around the pool noodle until the entire form was wrapped. It looked like this picture below.

Half Wrapped Wreath

I’m not really sure how long the roll of burlap was, but I used the entire roll minus about an inch that I cut off so I didn’t have any tail showing where I didn’t want it to show. It didn’t take too long to wrap my pool noodle. Every now and again you’re going to want to tuck any bumps away to the back of your wreath. I had a couple instances where the burlap bunched up with the way that I was wrapping it around my noodle.

When you are finished wrapping your pool noodle, it should look something like this.

Wrapped Wreath

Once I had my pool noodle completely wrapped in burlap, I started to pull my flowers off the stems of the bunches of flowers that I had. Originally I was going to set them in between the burlap pieces, where each string overlaps, but not all of the flowers wanted to stay where I placed them, so I ended up getting my hot glue gun out.

Flowery Wreath

I took a couple dozen flowers and glued them to my wreath. I chose to glue my flowers on only a quarter of the wreath instead of the entire thing, but if you prefer you can cover it all! It just defeats the purpose of the burlap! Lets hear about your creativity! How have you spruced up your spring wreaths?

Rustic Burlap Spring Pool Noodle Wreath

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