Super Simple Moss Covered Bunny

Moss Bunny

Making your own decor is not as hard as you might think. There are great perks to it, and the biggest of those is saving hundred of dollars on something that you see at the store that you could create on your own for a fraction of the price. My super simple moss covered bunny was one of those ideas.

Moss Bunny Supplies

I didn’t specifically see a moss covered bunny in any store – that I can remember anyways – but I did happen to come across a couple of bunnies at my local Dollar Store that really needed a makeover. With the two that I purchased, I used one for my Dollar Store Bunny Makeover, and the second for this Moss Covered Bunny piece.

This whole piece costed me less than two dollars. I can imagine finding something like this in a store that could cost upwards of $20. I’d say it’s a pretty darn good bargain if you’re into getting crafty! How easy it is, is amazing too!

All you need is a bunny that you want to cover, some white glue, or you can use a hot glue gun (I used white glue since I forgot my hot glue gun at my parents house), some moss which I purchased at my local Dollar Store, a pair of scissors and some news paper so you do not make a mess everywhere.

Bunny and Paint Brush

So the project is simple. All you need to do it cover your bunny in glue and add your moss! I recommend starting at the bottom of your bunny and working your way up. This was so I didn’t have to pick up my bunny to get the bottom portion that needed to be glued. (It makes a sticky mess on your fingers and won’t look as nice).

Mossy Bunny

It didn’t take me too long to glue my bunny, and yours will look like a mess when you have finished gluing! The last step that you need to take to finish off your bunny is to trim him! Let your glue completely dry before moving to the last step! I took at pair of regular scissors and trimmed off some longer stray pieces of moss to give my bunny his shape back. When you are finished place your bunny in with your other wonderful decor and voila!

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