Rustic Easter Barn Board Bunny

Rustic Easter Barn Board Bunny

Re-purposing old barn board has always been a great way to add beautiful decor pieces to any home. Since Easter is just around the corner, I’ve been crafting and preparing my decorations. Sometimes inspiration means getting together with friends to come up with some great ideas. I’ve known Sarah over at The Project Pile since I was young, and we do get together to craft quite often to come up with some great decor pieces. Enter my Rustic Easter Barn Board Bunny! Using a piece of old barn board I turned it into a wonderful decor piece!

It was a matter of sitting down making an outline for a bunny using old margarine container lids and a piece of construction card. There are a lot of different printables available online, but I chose to hand draw my bunnies. I may not be great with free hand drawing, but I actually love how my bunnies turned out on my barn board!

Bunny Cutouts

With my bunnies cut out, all I did was use a permanent marker to outline the bunnies on my old piece of barn board. Finding a good marker around my house was the hardest part of this whole project. Because the barn board actually soaks up the marker quite quick, I found it much easier to dab the tip of the marker gently, rather than dragging it across the wood over and over again to make a mark easy enough to follow with the paint!

I used black acrylic paint from my local Dollar Store to fill my bunny outlines. I let it dry overnight and for the final touch I glued on two white cotton balls for tails! Some of the cotton balls looked terrible so I ended up fluffing them a little bit to make them look like cute little bunny tails! It reminds me of my pet bunny George who I’ve had for over 12 years!

Barn Board Bunnies

This is such a simple and inexpensive way to create beautiful decor pieces for any special time of the year!

Do like that little grey bunny in my decor? Learn how to make it in my Dollar Store Bunny Makeover post!

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