How to Create a Rustic Burlap Coat Rack

Rustic Burlap Coat Rack

Coat racks are super helpful when keeping organized. Making your own rustic burlap coat rack for next to nothing will make feeling organized even better!

Coat racks are an easy way to keep your things hung up and looking nice. Our coat racks have so many work clothes hanging up that I do not have enough room for my good coats! I wanted a simple yet rustic way to keep my coats clean and organized.

My idea for a burlap wrapped coat rack didn’t come to me at first. It was never intended to look the way it currently does. Originally I wanted to use an old cedar rail for the rustic look, but it wasn’t obtainable at the time. This lead me into searching for something new.

Last summer we rebuilt our deck which left a lot of wood pieces that were just going to be discarded. I grabbed a 4×4, about 8 feet long. Part of this was in the ground so I cut off the bad parts of the wood and sanded it down until it was smooth. For the legs I used a few pieces of old 2×4. I also sanded those down before screwing them and balancing them to make the start of my coat rack.

I used a can of clear coat to seal the wood before wrapping it. I had this sitting around with my other paints, so for this project I only spent money on the coat hooks themselves. Once my clear coat finished drying I got my burlap ready. TIP: If you’re looking for burlap and don’t want to spend a ton on a small roll from your local craft store, look at your local hardware/garden center for burlap in a roll used to cover your shrubs. You get a large quantity for a fraction of the price.

Wrapping the burlap around my 4×4 took a little bit of time so it looked great when I was done. Use a good quality stapler to keep your burlap in place. Decide on which side you want as the back of your coat rack and start wrapping there. This will ensure that you do not see any of the seams when you are finished. I wrapped the 4×4 separate from the legs. Each leg was wrapped separate using doubled over burlap.

The last step is to screw in your coat hooks. I purchased mine for a couple bucks each from my local hardware store. They fit perfectly with the burlap and I’m super glad how it turned out. This coat rack made a wonderful addition to my room and fits perfectly in the corner by the door. It’ll make grabbing my coat so easy when I walk out the door!

Do you like that Rustic Easter Barn Board Bunny in the picture? You can check it out in my post here.

What do you think of this coat rack? Would you make something like this for your home? Let me know what you think!

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