13 Amazing Floor Tiles For Your Bathroom

13 Amazing Floor Tiles

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a fixer-upper, more now a days, than ever before. This has made me really excited for renos. I probably shouldn’t be as excited as I am to remodel a house, but man does that ever make me feel good!

I lived in a condo in town for about a year and the bathroom was my favourite room. The dark tile floor with the metallic coloured tiles in the shower with the dark wood vanity really looked great. I wanted to put together for you, 13 of my favourite floor tiles for the bathroom!

Retro Hex
1. SomerTile Retro Hex Porcelain Floor in Matte White
Taupe Wood
2. Taomina Taupe Wood Look Tile Plank
Ashlar Tile
3. Scabos Travertine Versailles / Ashlar Patterned Tiles
Hex Tiles
4. SomerTile Agada Hex Porcelain Floor Tile
Penny Porcelain
5. SomerTile Penny Porcelain Mosaic Floor Tile
Citro Ceramic
6. SomerTile Citro Ceramic Floor Tile
Retro Soho
7. SomerTile Retro Soho Subway Porcelain Floor Tile
Slate Natural Stone
8. SomerTile Cliff Herringbone Sunset Slate Natural Stone Mosaic Floor Tile
Bone Porecelain
9. SomerTile Akademia Bone Porcelain Floor Tile
10. Ostrich Grey Slate Versailles Pattern Tumbled Floor Tile
Light Grey
11. SomerTile Academy Porcelain Floor, Light Grey
Wood Like Tile
12. Ires Taupe- Wood Look Tile Grey
Ivory Tile
13. MS International Ivory Mini Versaille Pattern Travertine Mosaic Floor Tile
I’ve been researching to make my dream bathroom become a reality, once I find the right house. I absolutely love numbers seven and ten. It would be hard to choose between the two, and I would most likely end up using both in two separate bathrooms.

I really enjoyed finding all of these tiles for my future bathroom (s) and really hope you will like this compilation of floor tiles as well!

Which floor tiles do you like the best? Do you have any other tiles that you might recommend to me?

Floor Tiles

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