15 Ultimate Camping Items You’ll Find On Amazon

Camping Hacks

Nature is amazing, and honestly there is no better way to spend a few days off, than roughing it in the great outdoors! I love camping, and have since I can remember. There have however, been some hard times. It comes with not being prepared and wishing you would have taken a little bit of extra time prepping your necessities.

You need to know what to bring and what to leave behind before starting your camping trip. How long are you going? What is the weather going to be like? What amenities are around to use? These are definitely some basic questions that you need to ask before you head out!

I remember while growing up, we used to do a lot of camping in the back yard. That was until the mosquitoes came out to play. But is it really that hard to rough it for a few days? Surely sleeping on the ground can be a little more comfortable than sleeping on rocks!

Luckily for you, I have put together a list of the ultimate camping items that you’ll find on Amazon!

1. Folding Chair

This is a handy product. I’ve had these types of chairs around my whole life. They are super convenient when attending a sports game, barbecue and camping! They open to a full size chair, but store away in a little pouch. Talk about convenience!!

2. First Aid Kit

You should always have some sort of first aid kit with you. I have one in the trunk of my car that stays there year round just in case! You never know when you’ll need a band aid or maybe even a pair of tweezers to pull a sliver from your finger after you just attempted to put wood in your camp fire! A must have when camping!

3. Air Bed (For Those Glampers)

If you’re the kind of person that would rather sleep off the ground, then I suggest the Coleman Airbed. You’ll still get all of the feels from camping, but a little bit more luxury when Glamping!

4. Travel Toilet for Women

This product may seem a little bit strange to you, but the reviews I’ve seen on this product are great. The worst thing ever is when you’re hiking all day long and you just have to pee! Squatting can be a disaster on your shoes and waiting to find a washroom/outhouse to use can be really time consuming depending on where you are. I’ve never tried this myself, but would love to give it a whirl! Have you ever used one?

5. Portable Waterproof LED Tent Light

When staying in a tent, you want to be really careful with what items you bring in with you. The last thing you want is to bring a large lantern in that gets hot, then set it too close to the tent material and melt it! That would be a disaster! These LED lights can hang from the inside peaks of your tent and won’t get hot.

6. Inflatable Lounge Chair

I saw these inflatable lounge chairs advertised on the television several months back. They seemed to be a real hit! They’re inflatable, thick, durable and they float! Makes a perfect chair for the kids or yourself!

7. Mummy Two Person Sleeping Bag

When it comes to camping early or late in the year, the days can be warm and the nights can be really cold. Body heat from someone else is a great way to stay warm. I love how you can purchase a double occupancy sleeping bag! If you don’t have someone else to sleep in a sleeping bag with, you can purchase a single here!

8. Griddle

I’m going to be honest, I’m not really a breakfast foods fan, but when I go camping I enjoy a good breakfast! An easy way to incorporate bacon, eggs, pancakes and sausage is to cook on this griddle! Much better than eating oatmeal everyday!

9. Coleman Classic Propane Stove

I don’t even know how many times I’ve used one of these little stoves while camping. Such a quick and easy thing to use when it comes to cooking just about anything! Don’t forget the propane tanks here!

10. Cookware Set

I think the worst thing when camping hours from home is when you forget to pack the cutlery. Been there, done that, definitely don’t want to do it again! This is a 10 piece cookware set that includes cutlery, a pot, two pans and some other goodies!

11. Silicone Wine Glasses

Okay. So these aren’t really required to go camping, but honestly, who would bring real wine glasses? Why not live the good life with some non-breakable silicone wine glasses!? I’d say it’s a win-win situation!

12. Exercise Play Mats For Kids

Now, I know what you may be thinking with this one here. Why would I want to buy exercise play mats for kids? Well, let me tell you something. The ground can be hard, cold and extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. Newsflash! It doesn’t have to be! Grab some of these mats and make a floor in your tent. This will make sleeping on the ground so much more enjoyable! You’re welcome!


One of your key items to not forget at home is obviously a tent! Unless you’re the kind of person that likes to sleep under the stars, then I recommend you take a look at some good quality tents that will fit your needs!

14. Marshmallow Sticks

I honestly think that there is an unwritten rule when it comes to camping that says you need to eat marshmallows and build smores while sitting around a campfire. Nothing says camping better than that! These sticks can be used for marshmallows, hot dogs, and anything else you see fit to roast over a camp fire!

15. Hammock

I’ve honestly never used a hammock for camping before, but there were many times while growing up that I’d lay in a hammock and just swing while I snoozed. Instead of using a tent, I’ve seen many people use these great hammocks for their sleep needs!

So that rounds out my first camping hacks post! I truly believe that a lot of these products will make you’re life so much easier when you head out to camp this Summer.

What are some of your camping staples that you cannot leave home without?

Camping Hacks

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  1. I’m not much of a camping person precisely because of the lack of toilet facilities, so the travel toilet really got my attention, but I’m not sure if it will work 😀

    1. I think it’s a neat concept. I drink so much water in a day I pee like 50 times, and sometimes with working on a farm and my day job I can’t get to a bathroom all the time. I’m not sure how good it would work but I’m definitely going to give it a shot!

  2. I’m not a big camper, so I’m totally saving this list for next time I go. I see a few things on there that I seriously need!

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