DIY Rag Wreath Using Items You’ll Find At Home

Rag Wreath

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and made my own rag wreath. You wouldn’t believe how easy it actually is. You literally only need items you’ll find around your home. This wreath will cost you virtually nothing to make and it’ll make a great piece to have around your home!

It was originally Sarah over at The Project Pile that first introduced me to making a rag wreath. I’ve known her my entire life and even though we both grew up about six hours away from where we are now, we are virtually neighbors again after years of not seeing each other. Now, we enjoy getting together to craft. You’ll also notice her rag wreath here too!

What you’ll need:

  • Metal bendable coat hanger.
  • Rags. You can use old shirts, sheets, anything that is relatively thin.
  • Scissors.

Rag Wreath

Your first step it to find a coat hanger in your home. You must use a bendable wire hanger to manipulate it into the shape that you want. I chose to do a round wreath, but I’ve seen many different shapes that others have made as well! Even if it doesn’t look perfectly shaped, once you add your rags and fluff them up you won’t even be able to tell!

When you have your hanger into the shape that you want, set aside your wreath form and grab up some of your rags. I used a roll of of material from the dollar store, but if you have old sheets, shirts towels or anything else that is decently thin then you will have no problems making your wreath!

Rag Wreath

Each piece of rag was about 5 to 6 inches long. The width of each piece was slightly different because I free-handed the cutting of each piece. You’re making a rag wreath! It doesn’t have to be perfect!

After each piece is cut you’ll start by tying the pieces of material on your wreath. Fold each piece in half and wrap it around your wreath form pulling the loose ends though the closed part of the material. Pull this tight and push each piece as close together as you can to make it look much fuller when you are finished.

Rag Wreath

The last thing that I did when I finished was fluff my wreath. I made sure that all of the loose ends were positioned with the ends pointing out. Shake the wreath a few times and you notice it perk right up!

This wreath was one of the easiest things that I’ve made! It’s perfect for Spring decor. Have you also checked out my pool noodle wreath? It’s another super simple DIY project to try!

DIY Rag Wreath

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