The Trick To Keeping Your Paint Can Clean

When it comes to painting, you can make a great mess when you don’t want to. Honestly it’s one of those tasks that, when you are finished, you expect to have paint all over your body. There is one trick that I recently tried when I was staining my coat rack and I forgot to post it until today when I was viewing my photos in my phone and it popped up. So, have you heard of the trick to keeping your paint can clean? If not, keep reading!

Paint seems to be getting more expensive as time goes on. The companies that make paint seem to constantly come up with new colours, better finishes, just different and better paints in general, but have you ever stopped to think of how much paint your wasting when it drips down the side of the can and sits in the metal rim? Well the answer is too much!

You heard me! You waste so much paint when you wipe your brush on the edge of the can – and who has extra money to throw around on paint!? I have a hard enough time buying a small can of chalk paint let alone buying a full size can of paint I’m intending on using to paint my house!

Next time you have to paint, one tip I will give you, is find yourself a rubber elastic! It will save some paint and will help keep your possibly messy mess a little less messy. Have you ever noticed when you normally paint from a can and you wipe some of the excess paint off of your brush onto the edge of the can. What happens when you’re done painting? Well, you grab a hammer and you pound the lid back on. And what happens when you have paint around the rim and you try this? Well your paint will splatter!

Simple solution? Of course! Take your open paint can and stretch an elastic band from the bottom to the top of your paint can like my picture below. This time when you go to wipe off your excess paint you will do it on your elastic band, and voila! No more messy messes!

Paint Cans

Such a simple trick! I’m honestly terrible at remembering to do this when I paint. But it definitely helps a lot! Depending on the size of your paint can, you may need to use bigger, longer elastics to fit around the can. It’s also super helpful when you have someone else to help with putting the elastic band on. You honestly don’t want to lose a can of paint on the floor if you are struggling with getting the elastic around the can.

What are some of your paint tricks that you find helpful when taking on that task? I’d love to hear about them!

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    1. I’m in the same boat Laura! I’m still trying to decide on paint colours for the baby poop colour that needs to be covered that is currently in the new house we bought! But when I do paint I’ll be using this for sure! Let me know how it works for you!

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