10 Insanely Clever Garden Hacks


I’ve always had a green thumb when it comes to gardening, but there are so many tips and tricks that will make anyone’s life easier when it comes to the garden. I am going to show you some of my favourite gardening hacks.

1. Egg shell seed starters

Gardening 1Creativity by Squawk Fox

Eggshells are a great way to start your seedlings. Its compost and it’s relatively free – I mean you buy your eggs to eat and just throw the shells out anyways. All you need to do is crack your eggs in half make your omelet or whatever else you might be using your eggs for, and instead of tossing the shell set them aside to plant!

2. Citrus peel seed starters

Gardening 2 Creativity by My Roman Apartment

Super simple like step number one. I drink a ton of lemon water every day and I never keep the rinds. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this hack. This is another way to start seedlings without spending any extra money on other containers to start your plants in. You’re buying the lemons anyways! Why not use the rinds for second purpose!

3. Egg carton seed starters

Gardening 3 Creativity by Instructables

Another great way to start seeds is using your left over egg cartons! Did you know that the cardboard egg cartons are biodegradable? (Don’t use a Styrofoam carton) This is a great way to use the items you have at home that you are just going to throw out to make a great garden! All you need to do is cut the top off of your egg carton, add some dirt to each pocket, and plant your seeds. I would also recommend keeping something under your egg cartons as when you water them the water may run all over – depending on how heavily you water.

4. Use baking soda to make your tomatoes taste sweeter

Gardening 4Creativity by The Gardening Cook

I’ve always had a garden for as long as I can remember, but after moving from home I didn’t have the luxury of having my own garden. I did however work at a greenhouse down the road. It was a pepper greenhouse, but they grew several tomato plants for personal use. And anything grown like that always tastes better than what you get at the grocery store! I find that depending on what kind of soil and fertilizer I use on my tomatoes, some years with the weather they don’t taste as sweet as they should. But from The Gardening Cook an easy way to make your tomatoes sweeter is baking soda! You read right. Just sprinkle some baking soda around the base of your plants and enjoy the great taste at harvest time!

5. Recycling old K-Cups in your garden

Gardening 5Creativity by Fresh Eggs Daily

I’ve been doing a lot of researching on gardening to boost my garden this year. I stumbled across an amazing article by Fresh Eggs Daily. It was about K-Cups and gardening. I’ve never owned a Keurig, but used one many times. What does the average person do once they have a cup of java? Well, I would toss the K-Cup, but if you are an avid gardener and you drink a lot of coffee via a Keurig, you should start saving the cups for your garden. Each K-Cup (coffee only) has a filter on the inside, just like your normal coffee maker, which makes perfect drainage for your seedlings. Read all about how to make this work over on Fresh Eggs Daily.

6. DIY greenhouse using clear plastic storage bins

Gardening 6Creativity by Prairie Cottage Rose

The idea of using clear plastic storage containers as a simple DIY greenhouse is absolutely genius! I don’t know why I never thought of this! Growing up I used little margarine containers and water bottles cut in half to make my little greenhouse type setting to start my seedlings, but this would have made a lot more sense to me in the quantity that I normally start inside. All you need is literally clear plastic totes of any size!

7. Plants you can grow to attract hummingbirds

Gardening 7Creativity by HGTV

I’ve always been fascinated by the speed in which a hummingbird can flap their wings. I’ve always put out little feeders filled with sugar and water to feed these little fellows, but did you know there are certain plants that attract these little guys? Everything you need to know can be found over at HGTV.

8. Uses for coffee filters when gardening

Gardening 8Creativity by This Old House

There is a large amount of things you can use a coffee filter for. One of those things is in potted plants. Do you hate when you’re putting soil in a pot and it comes out the bottom couple holes? Well, an easy fix for that – use a coffee filter!

9. Water your plants using a wine bottle

Gardening 9Creativity by The Greenists

The subheading of this one says it all! You get the best of both worlds. Enjoy your wine and feed your plants when you’re done! All you need to really do is rinse out your wine bottle well, fill it with water and quickly turn it over and push it down in your dirt. Your plant will take the amount of water it needs instead of you guessing. This will make your life easier, especially when you want to go away for the weekend when it’s hot out.

10. Grow an endless supply of onions

Gardening 10Creativity by Dream Garden 101

I use a ton of onions when I cook – I mean a ton! I love the flavour onions put out in your dishes – heck I even love cooking a whole onion on the barbecue to eat with steak. I’m fortunate now to be able to plant a large quantity in the garden, but if you don’t have room for a big garden, or a garden at all, you need to know about the endless supply of onions trick! All you need is a large PET bottle, some scissors, soil and some onion bulbs! You can check out the entire process at Dream Garden 101.

So I hope that this post has really helped a lot of you with some of your gardening needs. Such simple little tricks that I wish I would have known sooner!

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