7 Brilliant Ways To Re-Purpose Old Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

A light bulb is one item I never have extra of laying around the house. It would seem when a bulb burns out, I have to make a trip to the store to pick one up, but what do you do with all of the old bulbs?

Common sense would say throw them out. Who needs an old burnt out light bulb anyway?

I’ve seen a lot of great ways to re-purpose old light bulbs recently and I had to share these ideas with you all! I’m definitely going to be trying some of these ideas as soon as I have some burnt out bulbs!

My favourite re-purpose is definitely the use of a light bulb as an oil lamp. Remember the old oil lamps you had while growing up? Well you can modify your light bulb to make cute little candle type lamps! Here is a picture of what really got me started and intrigued with the whole re-purpose of an old light bulb!

Light Bulb Oil LampCreativity by Instructables

Creating a vase with a light bulb was completely foreign to me before I saw this one floating around online. I absolutely love how simple it looks to make and how elegant it will make my decor upon adding it. This is definitely one of my favourite pieces.

Light Bulb VaseCreativity by Homesthetics

Little light bulb aquariums are such a neat little idea. These could easily be made with a larger burnt out light bulb!

Light Bulb Aquarium Creativity by Soap Deli News

Another neat idea is an hour glass made out of old light bulbs. Like seriously the person that came up with this idea is a genius!

Light Bulb Hour GlassCreativity by WikiHow

At a high enough temperature glass will melt, so why not use a torch to heat up the round part of the light bulb to make a base to stand on its own! Who knew!? Add a flower or two and make your own free standing vase.

Light Bulb VaseCreativity by Instructables

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap way to make Christmas decor, then look no further. You can use your old light bulbs to make ornaments and stand alone decor as well! Check out this cute little penguin that was created!

Light Bulb PenguinCreativity by Pat Cantan’s

My last pick for my top 7 ways to re-purpose old light bulbs is a light bulb door knob/wall hooks. You could use them for more than one purpose, but gosh is that such a great idea!!

Light Bulb Door KnobCreativity by Instructables

There was so many different ideas that I came across and it was hard to narrow them down to just 7. I could have went forever, but like these ones the best!

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  1. This is a very unique way to re-purpose light bulbs. I never would have thought of that!!! I love attempting diys!! Awesome job!!!

    1. I agree Tangela! The oil lamp light bulbs were what really caught my attention! Such neat ideas if you’re feeling crafty and you have some old light bulbs hanging around!

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