How To Make An Amazing Bullet Journal

Have you ever heard of a Bullet Journal? I hadn’t up until just recently, but I think it’s such a nifty way to keep everything organized! Keeping track of the past, organizing the present, and planning for the future couldn’t be easier with a colourful creative journal that gets tailored to your taste.

If you don’t know what a Bullet Journal is, it’s essentially a diary/day planner/to-do-list/sketchbook/notebook or all of the above. If you’re like me, you enjoy keeping organized, but do you like buying a black and white plain-Jane notebook from your local office supply store, or would you rather spend upwards of $100.00 for a day planner with a little bit more colour? I personally would like the best of both world!

What do I mean by getting the best of both worlds? Well, I can explain this! I like buying a simple planner. One that is inexpensive but still serves the purpose of what I need it for, however, I also love pops of colour. If you are like me, then a Bullet Journal is something for you!

What you’re going to do, is start by picking out a simple notebook of some sort. You can go for something that is grid-like. You can pick something with regular lines. You can choose a blank simple sketch book. You will be dressing up your book to make an amazing Bullet Journal.

A Bullet Journal has four sections like listed below!

Bullet Journal Planner

Courtesy of @CraftHippy

1. Index

    Your first page is going to be your index. You need this page for your Bullet Journal to come to life. Organization starts with a great index. It’s like a great resource book having a table of contents. It makes things much easier to find when you need to find it.

2. Collections

    Every page that you create is given a topic and every bullet point that you add is considered a “collection.” There are three core (main) collections plus other miscellaneous collections you can use.

      a) Future Log

        This is where you will add events that will be occurring in the future. For example, a wedding, birthday, or other special occasion.

    Bullet Journal Bullets

    Courtesy of BuzzFeed

      b) Monthly Log

        This is where each month will be set up, sort of like a day planner. This collection is also comprised of two additional pages.

          i) Calendar Page

            This is where you will write down different events that have or will be happening that month. This will give you the big picture of what you did that month. Instead of wondering what you did at the beginning of a busy month, your Bullet Journal will tell you! Just make sure you are filling it out!

          ii) Task Page

            A Task page contains the Tasks that you would like to accomplish that month. Say you want to visit an art exhibit on a specific day. Add it as a Task! Easy Peasy!

      c) Daily Log

        A Daily Log is one that you would write down day to day Tasks, Events or anything in between that you think is important to that day. Remember, if you don’t write it down you won’t necessarily remember it later!

      d) Other Collections

        Remember earlier I said there was a miscellaneous Collections category? Well this is that! You will have additional blank pages in your Bullet Journal for some other Collections that you create. Feel free to add lists, notes, goals, illustrations, diary pages, honestly anything!

    Bullet Journal Collections

    Courtesy of sosteffso

    3. Rapid-Logging

      It sounds kind of intense, but I promise you, it’s just another way to keep yourself organized! This is the part where you add short-form notations. By short-form notation, I mean what you all know as a Bullet, hence the meaning behind a Bullet Journal!

      a) Bullets

        Bullets are split into three separate categories.

        i) Task Bullet

          • Task
          X Completed Bullet
          < Scheduled Bullet
          > Migrated Bullet

        ii) Event Bullet

          o Event

        iii) Note Bullet


    4. Migration

      Organization means the difference between being productive and procrastinating. I find the less organized I am, the more I procrastinate because I don’t have my mind or the items around me in a way that allows me to work efficiently.

      Migration allows you to move Tasks that you have not completed one month to the next, and allows you to strike out Tasks that you no longer find meaningful to your current standings. By all means, feel free to add them to a new month, week or day if need be!

    As you can see creating an amazing Bullet Journal is easy peasy! All you need is a basic notebook/sketchbook/graphing book some colorful pens and markers and voila! You have your own customized Bullet Journal! Don’t forget your Bullet Journal is completely created by you. If you want to change something then do it! Let your creativity flow!

    Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas

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    1. Hi Lauren! The way that I lay out the migration bullets are for things that I have in my journal, but didn’t actually accomplish when I wanted to. For example, if you have a list specifically for cleaning and you want to wash the siding on your house, but the weather doesn’t break long enough to get the job done, you can migrate that task to the next month, etc. If you are referring to Tasks that are no longer meaningful, it could be a case of wanting to clean your micro fiber couch, but instead purchase a new one. So migration is essentially moving Tasks that you want to complete but haven’t yet, or completely getting rid of them.

      Remember, a Bullet Journal is a way to keep organized, if you find one way more appealing, use that way vs. something that you don’t care for as much!

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

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